When buying your first car, or buying a second family car, or buying a car that suites your budget, the list of must haves or requisites is normally short based on the fact that in each of these instances, the amount available to spend is more often than not a small amount available for such a purchase. This doesn't have to be the case, not with the Haval H1 anyway.

Is this a bold statement? We think not. The Haval H1 is packed with features and unlike other brands, Haval doesn't charge you an arm and a leg for each specification item you add to your wish list in the case of the H1, it's all there and it's all included. Let's start with safety, shall we?

Apart from ABS with EBD, safety features include dual airbags, a seatbelt unfastening warning system, child seat anchors and child door locks, the list is seemingly endless. The advanced braking system features disc brakes all around and can instantly amplify the power boost effect, it will assist in activating the ABS quicker and the vehicle can achieve the maximum deceleration in emergency conditions via the EBD.

The vehicle body is made with high-strength, high-quality steel and laser welding technology and the front and rear energy absorption zones of the H1 effectively absorb collision energy while the passenger cabin is a full three-dimensional protection structure ensuring the highest levels of safety protection.

Using the international benchmark in motor vehicle safety airbags, Autolive airbags, ensures the most sensitive and most stable performance in the event of airbag deployment. In the event of an impact the preloaded seat belts will tighten the webbing in advance preventing forward movement of you and your passengers. A rear window defogger, height adjustable headlamps, and front and rear fog lamps ensure improved visibility while Day time Running Lamps (DRL) create awareness amongst other road users of your presence. So, with all these active and passive safety features packed into every Haval H1, we pose the question, is it safe? The answer is a resounding yes!

Safety features are but a few of the jam-packed extras one can find in an H1. You'll find parking in tight spots easier with the help of the rear PDC or park distance control. To keep your Haval H1 safe there's an immobiliser as well as remote central locking, plus a nifty car locating function to help you find it in crowded shopping mall parking lots. The H1 also offers robust and class leading ground clearance, with 185mm of clearance and is fitted with 16 inch alloy wheels. This together with standard roof rails means weekends away filled with adventure and unpaved escapades are a reality waiting to be explored.

Enjoying your destination also means enjoying every kilometre of the journey. This means specifications in the cabin are as important as anywhere else on the vehicle. Luckily, the H1 makes this a breeze with an abundance of comfort and interior features. A trip computer puts all the vehicle's vital statistics at your fingertips whilst the steering wheel with audio controls, cruise control and Bluetooth ensure that you're always in control without having to leave the confines of the operation of the vehicle. Cup holders and a cargo curtain help keep things organised, as do the separated foldable rear seats with a 60:40 split that provides extra luggage space when you need to squeeze as much as you can into the compact SUV. There are also electric windows with push-down function at the driver's side again allowing the driver to have full control, but passengers can also enjoy touch button window controls. During hot summer days, automatic air-con is a must and the H1 has it as a standard feature as well as a CD player as well as blue tooth and auxiliary functions so connectivity to your phone and tunes is easy as pie.

The H1's beating heart is also no slouch and in a class of underpowered opponents, the Haval baby SUV is powered by a 1,5-litre VVT petrol engine that's been designed with fuel efficiency in mind whilst churning out 69Kw and 130Nm of torque. The two-wheel drive H1 has a five-speed manual transmission as well as power steering to ensure smooth shifting as well as handling while the adjustable steering column makes for a comfortable time behind the wheel every time.

When it comes to trust, the H1 makes big promises. Every Haval H1 comes with a 5 year 100 000km warranty, full factory backing and 53 dealers nationwide to fettle your pride and joy when needed.

So, to conclude, the H1 offers you more safety, more features, superior reliability and trust you can depend on so the question remains, is the H1 all you need in a compact SUV? The answer is most certainly yes. But don't take our word for it. Get to your closest Haval dealer and test drive the H1 and you too can earn your street smarts!